Research Interests 

I am interested in movement and habitat use of marine predators, and how their spatial ecology influences their predatory impact on prey species. 

Research Projects

Octopus Behavior and Ecology

octopus bimaculatus

octopus bimaculatus

My PhD research explored the behavior and ecology of the California Two Spot Octopus (Octopus bimaculatus) around Catalina Island, CA. My current research expands on this work by tracking the movement of O. bimaculatus in Southern California and understanding how octopuses can affect abalone restoration. 

Saving the White Abalone

Red abaone,  Haliotis rufescens.  Photo Credit: CDFW  A thena maguire

Red abaone, Haliotis rufescens. Photo Credit: CDFW Athena maguire

White abalone (Halitosis sorenseni) was the first marine invertebrate listed as endangered. Its present population will not survive without human intervention. I am contributing to the ongoing efforts of NOAA and the CDFW to prevent the disappearance of this important invertebrate. 

Adventures in Science

photo credit: kory gozjack

photo credit: kory gozjack

Find out more about my experiences with field work, travel, conferences, and collaborative research. Explore some fun octopus-related information, too!